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How to become an AHA Instructor 

Step 1:  Registration, Interview, Prerequisites & Order Instructor Materials 

  1. Register for the course online or by contacting the training center 
  1. Applicant interview will be set up with the training center via webcast or in-person 
  1. Applicant must meet Instructor Prerequisites:  
  • Candidates must be 21 years of age 
  • Have a current American Heart Association BLS Certification 
  • Be Knowledgeable & Proficient in skills 


  1. Once the applicant has been accepted by the training center and meets prerequisite’s they will need to complete the following: 
  1. Purchase & Complete the Instructor Essentials course online at prior to attending the Instructor Course and brings a copy of completion certificate with them. 
  1. Purchase the Instructor teaching materials online at and bring with you to the Instructor course.  

Step 2:  Instructor Essentials Classroom Course 

        Please bring the following Required Class Materials to the course: 

  • Laptop/Tablet 
  • Instructor Essentials Completion Certificate  
  • Instructor Teaching Materials  
  • Copy of Current AHA Certification 

Step 3: Instructor Monitoring  

After the Instructor Essentials Classroom Course has been completed, applicants have 30 days to arrange their own course to be monitored by the training center. 

Step 4: Certified AHA Instructor 

If the Instructor monitoring was successful, you may begin instructing your own courses and issue certification cards. Instructors must renew their certification every 2 years. 


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